This weekend I taught a workshop at Black Sheep Wools for the Droving socks. During the class I had planned to cover many stranded colourwork techniques, including Norwegian purl, which is very useful when working corrugated rib, as in the cuffs of the Droving socks. I provide illustrated tutorials in my classes for the main techniques we cover, most of which have appeared in one or more of my books, however, I haven’t covered the Norwegian purl in any of my books, so didn’t have an illustrated tutorial ready for that.

A couple of years ago I created a video tutorial for the Norwegian purl when we were doing the ‘On The Other Hand’ mittens mkal, and I’ll share that below. However, though I can refer class participants to such videos for revisiting later, I also like them to have tutorials on paper for the techniques they learn in class. They are useful for them to refer to both in class and afterwards.

So last week I made an illustrated tutorial for the Norwegian purl. I know the new tutorial is a good one because of some class participants that were charging on while I worked with folk who were struggling with German Twisted Cast-on. By the time I got to demonstrating Norwegian purl several of them had already mastered it from the handout!

Here it is.

And here’s the video version:


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