These increases are great where it is essential not to tighten any stitches in previous rows/rounds of knitting. I use them to make the colourwork ‘travel’ in my Tess slippers. The video shows part of a round of knitting in this design:

The increases are shown here being worked with the working yarn held for English style knitting. If you wish to see the increases in continental style please view the videos at for m1a and m1t.

m1a and m1t are ‘mirrored’ increases. Because they lean in opposite directions they can be used together to add new stitches in a symmetrical pattern.

Ißn the Tess slippers pattern I chose these increases for the travelling colourwork because I needed to increase at the same point in every round of knitting (‘stacked’ increases). My favourite increases for stranded knitting, lifted increases, can only stack where there are one or more rows/rounds of knitting between the increases.

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