I’ve started work on designs for my next book, which will celebrate Yorkshire’s knitting heritage. With my sister, I am conducting lots of research into Yorkshire’s knitting past, from the industrious Dales knitters of yore, to Yorkshire’s Victorian knitting authors, to Yorkshire’s 20th Century yarn companies and their associated designers. The book will include chapters about this history, as well as a collection of designs themed around it. Don’t hold your breath though, as I fully anticipate this book taking at least two years to produce!

So, I am currently knitting a shawl that features stitch patterns adapted from Elizabeth Jackson’s 1844 book ‘The Practical Companion To The Worktable’. The original pattern placed the decreases one stitch in to the leaf, but I found this creates a gap in the leaf tip, so have moved it one stitch out. I love the lean of these leaves!

As you can see, the leaves are embossed, worked in a purl background. They are ideal for a shawl knitted in heavy lace or 4ply yarns. This is a lambswool heavy lace yarn that my sister dyed using Koolaid!

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