It started with the idea that a cardigan with a tree on the back would be a great thing to wear, at one and the same time evocative of tree of life symbolism and Celtic spirituality. It was an idea that enchanted me, so I thought it would likely enchant others too. There was a problem though; to realise the idea in an actual cardigan I would have to work out how to create a tree in knitted fabric, and as this was for a book about cable knitting, it would have to be done using cable techniques. I blogged about the process here.

I was right that the idea would enchant others too. Woodkirk was the most admired garment on my Yarndale stall both last year, when I was taking Cabled Knits pre-orders, and this year when I had both the book and pattern available to buy at the show. Alas, I had not anticipated just how popular it would be, as we sold out of both the book and the pattern on the first day. So on the Sunday I promised everyone I would make Woodkirk available as a single download as soon as possible. I’m delighted to report that I did so within 3 days. If you are quick you can get it with a 10% introductory discount! (Offer ends this Wednesday)


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