Please note – the pattern PDFs have now been deleted and the full pattern will soon be released for sale.

It’s a sunny day here in Brighouse, and the extra light made ideal conditions for a mini photo-shoot with my very good friend, Kate, who is staying with me this weekend while we both attend The ISA Experience. We’re having a very sweet day, with Kate and her partner Kev plying me with cups of tea whilst I work on the latest instalment of Lanthir Lamath. Other friends, Ian and Chrissie, also popped in for a cuppa, so with Mum here too we were quite a crowd.

It’s lovely to end the week this way, surrounded by friends, as it has been so hectic. I had three submissions I needed to complete early in the week, Part 5 of this pattern to prepare, and my tax return to work on (deadline is Monday!). Plus I was expecting visitors and wanted to clean house a little ready for that. It’s nearly all done now though – just the tax return to finish. Just the tax return to finish. Just the tax return to finish. (survival mantra!) ;0)

I love how the photos of the hood on Kate turned out. She is seated on a very elegant ironwork bench we have in our garden. Behind her you can see our damson tree, which Dave has carefully trained up the house wall. That wall gets lots of sun, so is a great place for growing fruit.

What’s that? You just want the pattern? (That’s the link folks!) ;0)

4 thoughts on “Warm friends

  1. That is so beautiful to see the scarf on an actual person.
    It gives a good idea on how big it will be 🙂

    Thanks for the great pattern.
    It sure is a work of art.

  2. I have a question: In part 3 directions were given for people who didn’t want to make the hood [what is wrong with them?]. It said that the last row of the non-hood pattern given there would be row 275. At this point, there were 36 stitches being worked.

    At the end of part 5, we’re up to row 274, which means that the people not making hoods should come back in in 2 rows. But there are still 42 stitches. How does this get dealt with?

  3. thoroughly enjoying knitting this scarf as I don’t think the winter here is finished yet.we had snow on Thursday

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