On Firday we released the final clue for the Two Heads Are Better MKAL. This was for the brim and optional embellishments. Already 6 folk have posted picture of their finished hats in the prize thread in our Ravelry group. They don’t include my twin-sister though, who completed one of her two hats this weekend. She knows she can’t win a prize (because that would be gross nepotism!) and when fully complete will probably post pictures of her finished hats in the prize thread anyway. She has however posted a picture on Instagram of her first finished hat. I’m assuming she’s decided not to add an embellishment (we included instructions for either a Yorkshire button or corkscrew tassel), or just hasn’t got around to adding it yet.

Marie is a very advanced knitter, so although the main body instructions for the cable and leaf pattern were for a single colour of yarn, she has worked in stranded technique so that the cables and leaves would be in contrast colour. Clever!

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