A few weeks ago I led you through my process for making knitted embossed leaves lean. At the time I had envisaged a cardigan design in which the back features a tree of life formed from cables. I wanted the tree to have some leaves, and had worked out that embossed leaves would work best with a cable design. So I needed to work out how to make embossed leaves lean, because a tree on which all the leaves point straight upwards would look somewhat odd.

The next step was to create a tree design that would translate to cables. For this I used a sketching app, trying out various ideas for the roots, trunk, and branches. I finally settled on this:

Tree of life sketch

Then I opened the Stitchmastery app and painstakingly translated this image into a cable chart with a stitch amd row count that would fill the back of a cardigan knitted at a dk yarn tension. After lots of number crunching in my grading spreadsheet, I then knitted the sample cardigan. I made a few slight adjustments to the stitch pattern as I knitted, so the resulting tree differs from the sketch a little in places, however the overall look is the same:

Tree of life cable

The cardigan will feature in my forthcoming book, Cabled Knits, which I will release in digital instalments (Ravelry downloads), starting later this month. I will at the sme time offer pre-order for the print book, which will be available in December.


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