One of the largest pattern categories in my shops socks and slippers, and as we are midway through October, which punny knitters have renamed Socktober, I thought I’d talk about my personal favourites. These are my most recent sock design, the Clover Leaf Socks, and my Christmas-themed socks, Wenceslas.

I love the Clover Leaf Socks not only because I think they are a particularly aesthetically pleasing design, but also because of the inspiration for the design, which was the work of Victorian Yorkshire knitting author, Henrietta Ryder of Richmond. She used the clover leaf stitch pattern that features in my socks in one of her many stocking top designs. Patterns for foldover stocking tops were very popular in late Victorian times, and Henrietta produced many, including a whole book of them as well as a series of stocking top pattern cards called the ‘Highlander’ series. The clover leaf stocking top was in the Highlander series.

My other favourite socks, Wenceslas, feature embroidered clox. I love the simplicity pf this design. Knit a plain sock with contrasting toe, heel and cuff, then add wow factor with a bit of embroidery. Easy! They are great for gifting, and I’m currently making my second pair of them to give to my husband this Christmas.

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