At Edinburgh Yarn Featival I made an impulse purchase of some luscious hand-dyed yarn. ‘Smoked Sock’ by Olann (an Irishi indie dyer) is the softest sock yarn I have ever encountered, and yet the silk it contains should make it relatively hard-wearing. I was attracted by the gorgeous gold colour, and once I had felt the yarn I couldn’t resist.

So, I had to desigin some socks to knit with it. I decided to go toe up, and to use a rare gusset and short row combination I had first encountered when designing the socks for the MKAL I ran with my friend Sarah Alderson last year. The yarn told me it wanted to be used for lace (yes, yarn talks!), and I went with the lace stitch I used for the Edgerton wrap in Lace Knits. Then, after completing the heel and gusset the sock asked for a cable. (Socks also talk.)

Knitted with impulsively purcahsed yarn, designing on the hoof (hah!), this is a somewhat impromptu sock design. I will however write it up and publish it later this year.

One thought on “Socked

  1. That is a beautiful sock. I did the sock MKAL last year and since then, have used the basic pattern outline to make plain socks using variegated wool. It’s a really good pattern and combines all the best techniques. The lace on this design looks fab.

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