I love handmade tree decorations, and over the years have accumulated a wonderful assortment of tree decorations made by my family and friends. They range from simple paper decorations made by my boys at nursery and infant school, many years ago now, to wonderful quilted decorations made by my sister, a few things I’ve painted (I love folk art), the hand-knitted decorations that I designed (Wesley Bobs, Strumflings, and Adore), and a wonderful miniature knitting bag, designed and knitted by my sister. With all this treasure to place on it, decorating our family tree at Christmas is a wonderful nostalgia binge!



2 thoughts on “On My Tree

  1. Love your Christmas tree decorations. So very special.
    Wishing you and your family a very blessed and merry Christmas ?
    Hope you are recovering well after the elbow replacement surgery.
    I am looking forward to the Yorkshire Knitting Holiday and meeting you.
    All best wishes
    Cape Town

    1. Thank you Jean, and Happy New Year to you! The Christmas break did me no end of good, and I am now managing without painkillers and am also getting used to working with the limitations caused by the ulnar nerve damage.

      I’m looking forward to meeting you too, and am more and more excited about the tour. Now we’ve arrived in the new year, it suddenly seems much closer! :o)

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