The On The Other Foot MKAL has officially started, and participants (nearly 200 have purchased the pattern!) have started posting pictures of the toes they knitted in Part 1. You can find their pics in the Spoiler Thread in the Ravelry Group which is the main social arena for the MKAL.

One of the toe options begins with a circular cast-on that can be drawn up tight by pulling on the tail of yarn that emerges from the cast-on. This kind of cast-on can be done using Emily Ockar’s method, aka the ‘Pinhole Cast-on’, but we realised that the ‘Loop Cast-on’ I devised several years ago for my Wesley Bobs pattern would also work for this. In fact I believe it makes a better beginning because it is less bulky than the Pinhole Cast-on and is entirely worked with knitting needles, whereas the Pinhole Cast-on is a crochet technique.

As the MKAL is a learning experience, we are very focused on providing a range of tutorials for the techniques involved. I already have an illustrated tutorial for the Loop Cast-on, created for the Wesley Bobs pattern. Then last week I made a video tutorial to further aid participants in the MKAL:

2 thoughts on “Loop Cast-on

  1. Thanks, Ann. That was a lovely demonstration of the cast on. I will try it for my next project beginning in the center of something.

  2. I found this extremely helpful because I just couldn’t wrap my head around what I was doing by just using the words. Thank you so much for thinking of us visual and kinesthetic learners. 🙂

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