Because I love period style, I have worked to make the decor of my Victorian home appropriate to the age it was built in. My passion for this is so great, that I have eschewed modern duvet bedding, and instead use vintage sheets, blankets and bedspreads. These include an exquisite English sheet that features fine knitted details and whitework embroidery. I would love to have matching pillowcases for this, however despite the knitted edging looking fairly basic, I have been unable to find a pattern for it. If I was to re-create the edging, I would have to reverse engineer it. This weekemd I started that process.

Luckily, because of my obsession with antique knitting, I have some very fine old needles, so I was able to swatch with old English Size 21 dpns. I know they are this size because I also have some antique knitting needle gauges. Size 21 are less than 1mm diameter! Unfortunately my crochet cotton is Size 10, so too thick really. I’ve ordered some Size 20. Meanwhile here’s my swatch:


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