The Corpus of Anglo Saxon Stone Sculpture, coordinated by Durham University, presents comprehensive records of  English carved stonework from the Anglo Saxon period (7th century to 11th century). It is a great resource for academics and amateur historians alike. As an amateur I have lost many hours to the delightful perusal of these records, and it has provided some of the inspiration for the cables I use in Cabled Knits.

This weekend I added a cowl, hat and fingerless mittens set to the Cabled Knits ebook that feature cables inspired by one of the fragments I discovered through the Corpus. The fragment in question is only known from the record of it made in 1858 by Longstaffe, and a drawing by Stuart in 1867. Due to erosion it is now unidentifiable in the stonework of the church tower (St Cuthbert, Billingham) where it was found. However, thanks to Stuart’s drawing we know what it looked like, and from this I was able to develop a cable design. It is a fragment of a 9th Century cross shaft that was in a later century incorporated into the St Cuthbert’s Church tower.

Here’s Stuart’s picture:

And here is my extrapolation into a braid:

And here are the accessories I used it in. The cowl has the complete cable, whereas the hat and fingerless mittens feature a shortened version of the cable:

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