I was in the winning team at last week’s quiz night for the Huddersfield branch of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. Probably the first time I’ve ever been in the winning team at a quiz! It helped that all the questions in this quiz related to knitting and crochet.

We founded the Huddersfield KCG group about 5 years ago at one of the weekly meetings of our little knitting group, ‘Bitter and Twisted’, named thus because we meet in a pub. Since then we have held monthly KCG meetings with a programme of workshops, talks, and trunk shows, the latter featuring items from the national guild archive. Last year our theme was ‘Yarn’, and this year our theme will be ‘Heritage’, in celebration of the national guild’s 40th anniversary. So the quiz featured a number of questions about KCG itself.

Since we joined the guild on that exciting night, a spur of the moment decision prompted by a chat we were having, we have attracted a lot of local knitters to the monthly meeting, which now takes place in Huddersfield Town Hall. We’ve also had some input at the national level, resulting in the launch of pattern sales via Ravelry to help raise funds for the work of the guild (‘education, preservation, and innovation’). The first pattern made available in this way was my ‘Yan Tan Tether’ cushion, featuring the cute sheep motif I first created for A Great British Knit. It feels good to have made a contribution in this way to the ongoing work of the guild, which I have come to regard as an invaluable educational and social organisation.


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