It was my first time at EYF, there to sign copies of Cabled Knits for customers at the baa ram ewe stand. It was such a pleasure to spend several days with Katherine and Jess who were managing the stand. Luckily they are not party animals, so although it was a lot of work helping them at the stand, I got plenty of sleep each night and managed to keep my energy levels up.

At the front of the stand we placed a table with upturned crates creating different levels on it. This was where we displayed Cabled Knits and some of the garments from it that were knitted using baa ram ewe yarns. On the second day of the show we remembered to take a photo of it with me standing behind:

To my delight a few folk came to the stand wearing designs of mine that they had made. They included Natasha from Germany who has knitted Woodkirk. As we were both wearing one (I finished mine in time for the show) we had a photo of the backs taken together:

Then there was Jessica, who has knitted a beautiful Tups sweater:

It was also a great pleasure to meet friends at the show who I’ve known online for years, but never seen in person. These include Suraya of ‘Mahliqa Wire’, from whom I bought some gorgeous handmade jewellery:

Then on Saturday I had the great pleasure of chatting over coffee with Jeanette Sloan and Vicki Magnus (owner of Eden Cottage Yarns). We followed coffee with a group photo:

Jeanette was part of a panel on Sunday discussing diversity in the fibre crafts industry. I couldn’t attend as tickets were sold out, and by then our baa ram ewe crew were travelling back home. However, it was recorded, and ai look forward to viewing the video when it becomes available.

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