A few weeks ago I showed you swatches and a sketch for a curtain inspired by a stitch pattern in one of my Victorian knitting books. The ‘Bed Quilt In Stripes’ by Mrs Warren from the 1855 book, ‘Treasures in Needlework’ features an unusual leaf motif that I love and have adapted to use in a curtain for the bathroom in my Victorian home. The key problem is that this is an incredibly ambitious project. With over 900 rows to knit in Size 60 cotton on 1.75mm needles, I estimate the curtain will take over 250 hours to knit. So my plan is to knit at least 2 rows a day, with the intention of having the whole thing completed by Christmas.

After about 3 weeks of doing this, I now believe I will finish the curtain well before my deadline. Having attended several knitting events (two guild meetings and three meetings of our ‘Bitter and Twisted’ group), and spent several hours in waiting rooms (hospital clinics and dentists) I have already completed 120 rows! At about 15 minutes per row that’s 30 hours of knitting. The thing is, knitting is an addictive activity, especially when knitting a pattern with motifs. I always have an insatiable desire to see more of the motifs growing from my needles, even when I have already completed many of them. So now my curtain is at least 20cm/8” long, and looks like this:

Meanwhile I am also working hard to complete Cabled Knits, and last week I finished the first draft of the pattern for the tree of life cardigan. Once it has had a couple of passes through the editing process (error checks and improvement recommendations by my technical editor) I will add it to the Cabled Knits ebook. I expect that to take a couple of days.

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