I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday (the UK term for a vacation!) in Austria with my lovely family, who were there to ski. It was a wonderful week, with lots of snow and sub-zero temperatures for us to enjoy. Most people these days dress for this weather with multiple layers of fabric made from artificial fibres, whereas I wanted to dress for it with natural fibres, and especially wool, which has wonderful thermal qualities.

Sadly, wool clothes from mass manufacture are hard to find. I doubt that I would find much wool in a wander around my local shops, so I got my wool thermals via the internet. This lovely wool vest is from a UK company, and I have worn it almost constantly since I got it a couple of month’s ago (picture links to the Amazon listing for the vest):

I also bought a long-sleeved thermal top and thermal leggings, both in organically grown wool, from a company in Germany (picture links to Amazon listing for the leggings):

Alas, I didn’t manage to find any thermally lined wool trousers. For my top layer. I did however take wool hand-knitted wool socks, my Hild hoodie, and a hand-knitted wool hat. So I was mostly wrapped in wool, and was wonderfully warm all week!



One thought on “Bring Back Wool!

  1. I have to thank you for this post. I suffer from being cold most of the year but today I am wearing a wool vest from Germany. I followed your link but they didn’t have my size plus I wanted long sleeves. A little more searching I found their children’s vests, ordered one, it fits perfectly across my shoulders, unlike UK brands. I was so pleased to see a traditional package with the Organic wool stamp of approval. A lovely fine layer of warmth, add my voice to ‘bring back wool’

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