Yesterday I conducted an inventory of my unfinished knitting projects. There are so many things I have started and left aside for long periods, including projects I started several years ago. They are all things I am knitting for myself or as gifts for knitworthy family members. Here’s the list, with details of when I started each project:

Field Study: January 2016

Wessenden: August 2017

Highroyd Curtain: January 2018

Woodkirk: October 2018

Lincoln Imp: Summer 2014

Jackson Shawl: July 2018

Wenceslas Socks: November 2017

So, this year I intend to complete some of these. I also intend to knit the Esholt I’ve purchased yarn for, and make the trousers I’ve bought fabric for. Meanwwhile, over the next couple of weeks I intend to complete a folk art painting I started many years (10?) ago!

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