A couple of years ago during a brief visit to Iceland I bought my husband a Lopapeysa zipped hoodie. He has worn it so much since that holes had developed under the arms and on one elbow, and the cuffs had worn out. Last week he asked me if for my Christmas present to him I would repair it. So I began a hunt for suitable yarn, hoping for a close match, while knowing I wouldn’t be able to match the colour perfectly. Alas, when the ‘Lettlopi’ yarn I ordered for the purpose arrived it turned out to be much darker than it had looked on my screen. However, our middle son was delighted with the idea of how visible this would make the repairs, quoting to me a story he had read during his childhood of a teddy bear that was so loved it had grown rather bald! So, visible mending was decided to be A Very Good Thing, and I got on with it.

Some underarm darns, worked randomly using a combination of duplicate stitch and whatever else worked:

For the elbow I removed a large area of stitches, knotting the yarns at the sides of the square hole this created. Then I knitted from picked up stitches at the bottom of the hole, grafted the final row of the patch to the stitches above the hole, then worked blanket stitch to attach the edges.

The public side:


In a few random places where the yarn was looking a bit thin I ran in a line of duplicate stitches:

Finally I unpicked the cuff ends and reknitted them. Alas, because the original was knitted bottom up, there is a half-stitch jog where I joined in to work in the opposite direction:

A loving design feature!

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