Over the weekend I’ve been working on making purchases for Christmas that don’t involve plastic. With many plastic free companies selling online, gifts themselves are not too much of a challenge, whereas planning plastic free gift wrapping was quite a challenge. I’m not certain that anything ordered via Amazon will come without plastic packaging, so had to go elsewhere to find everything, despite loving the look of many of the swing tags on Amazon. I’m planning to wrap my gifts in brown paper, using paper tape instead of Sellotape (Scotch), jute twine, and swing tags with a snowflake stamped onto them (I’ve ordered a wood and natural rubber stamp). For the last item I’ve invested hours in trying to find plastic free stamp pads with no luck. So I am instead planning to make my own stamp pad using stuff I already have, including some wool felt for the pad.

Whilst researching options for decorating the swing tags, I found some recipes for making homemade glue that I think will come in useful at some point.

Christmas Scandi Snowflake Rubber Stamp





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