Why and how does a knitter commit to a massive project?

Having drawn a sketch, done the swatching, and calculated the knitted dimensions of the curtain I want to knit for our main bathroom, I estimate that the bathroom curtain I have planned will take at least 250 hours to knit. Gulp!

Last week I showed you my swatches based on the ‘Knitted Bed Quilt in Stripes’ from the Victorian (1855) book ‘Treasures in Needlework’. Delighted with the stitch pattern I have created using Mrs Warren’s leaf motif, I want to use it in my Victorian home. I need a curtain for the window in our main bathroom, which is currently without one, and so I decided that this is where I will use it.

Alas, I would find a whole curtain in just that pattern a little unimaginative, and pictured in my head such a curtain was not sufficiently aesthetically pleasing to tempt me to cast on. So this week I spent a little time working on a plan to combine the leaf motif with some other lace stitch patterns for a more pleasing effect. This is what I came up with:

I love this idea, so I’ve charted it out in Stitchmastery and I plan to knit it!

The dimensions will be somewhat different to the sketch, which is too squat, and doesn’t show enough pattern repeats. In the curtain I have cast on there are ten repeats of the large leaf motif, and there will be five of the vertical leaf vine stripes. The curtain will be approximately 30 inches wide by 72 inches long, with just 24 inches of the length featuring Mrs Warren’s leaf motif.

How will I undertake such a large project? A row at a time of course! In fact, I’ve committed to two rows a day. At that rate it would take over a year, but I’m sure I’ll knit a lot more than two rows on some days. That way I hope to have it finished by Christmas.

Is this a foolish plan? I asked Mr. Kingstone, and he said the curtain would be ‘rather special’. I agree!

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