A few years ago, because my business had grown into a significant enterprise, I realised that I needed a more relevant logo, a symbol that visually expresses the core content of my business. Previously I had used a pretty script font and some scrollwork as a header at my website and on my patterns, and these no longer felt adequate. What would?

So began a process of identifying what charecterises my business, and brainstorming symbols that would convey this. We quickly realised that my identity as a Yorkshirewoman had to be represented, and mooted the possibility of using the Yorkshire emblem, a white Tudor rose, in the logo. It had to be more femininised though, and had to somehow include a clear reference to knitting.

The Yorkshire Flag

I started looking at how other Yorkshire companies had used the Yorkshire Rose in their logos. It was upon seeing the Leeds United Football Club logo that I suddenly realised what we needed to do. Their logo replaces the traditional yellow centre of the rose with a football:

Their logo has a sepal in the middle at the top, so I suspect their Yorkshire Rose research was less extensive than ours. In the West Riding of Yorkshire the county emblem is traditionally represented with one of the five equidistant sepals placed in the middle at the bottom.

Why am I telling you about my logo? Well, tomorrow is August 1st, which is Yorkshire Day, when my native county celebrates all things Yorkshire. As a proud Yorkshirewoman I love this day, especially as the date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the 1834 emancipation of slaves in the British empire, for which the Yorkshire MP William Wilberforce had campaigned with passionate dedication through many decades.

To share this celebration with you I have decided to offer a 25% discount off all my digital products for the day. Any purchases of digital products that you make from my website tomorrow (August 1st) will be yours for 25% less than the published price. The discount is automatic – no coupon code required. So, if you have your eye on any of my patterns or ebooks, this Tuesday is the day to buy them!

Recently I re-commenced weekly broadcasts on Periscope, and I am loving re-connecting with my viewers. Through the broadcasts I share my love of knitting, and my love of Yorkshire’s part in the history of knitting. Because of it being the day before Yorkshire Day, I have decided that during the broadcast today I will share the stories behind some of my Yorkshire-themed designs, and the story of my Yorkshire-themed logo. The broadcast will be at 6.30pm BST (GMT +1). Do join me!

Ann Kingstone

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