On Saturday in the midst of my work to come to terms with a referendum result that felt horrific to me, I drove to Wooolfest with my dearly beloved twin-sister, Marie, who is always a rock of calm for me in the midst of a crisis. I knew we would have many laughs together, and right now I need lots of laughs. It was a fantastic day, and being around all those wonderful woolly folk also helped me to focus on things other than the present UK political and societal drama.

Woolfest takes place in the Lake District, home of the amazing Herdwick sheep breed, so I took special delight in buying some Herdwick wool with which to make a cushion for my studio. I also came away with lots of yarn samples from Blacker Yarns that will aid my planning for a collection I wish to publish next year.

My other purchases included some bamboo socks from a lovely buddhist monk, the proceeds of which are to be used to fund craft employment schemes in Tibet. I love wearing unusual socks, and not having enough handknitted ones, I like to buy machineknitted socks from unusual sources.

Finally I bought this delightful book that details the history of socks and stockings. I’m very much looking forward to reading this!



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