As the Neck & Neck MKAL drew to a close we had to choose winners. This is not an easy task! All along we have worked to make the MKAL a fun learning experience for participants, and we wanted to select prize-winners in a manner that reflected that. We had even repeated this in our weekly broadcasts, emphasising that the prizes would be awarded for people who had pushed themselves, had extended their skills, and for humourous or artistic photos, as well as for excellent knitting results. So we had to take all these into account. It really wasn’t easy!

As though we like things not to be easy, and just wanted to add another layer of difficulty to the task of choosing winners, we decided that my prizes would go to folk who had mostly used the pattern options I designed, and that Sarah’s prizes would go to folk who had mostly used the pattern options she designed.

So, as I keep saying, it was not easy. Nevertheless we managed it, and we had fun doing it. Paying attention to all our self-inflicted criteria we found three prize-winners each, and even managed to designate an order to them. Here they are:

My prizewinners:

1st prize – A physical book & ebook of Tup Knits

Josh (AceOfMace)

Josh was the chattiest person in the MKAL threads. During the MKAL he not only mastered cabling without a needle, but also modified the chart for the middle of the cowl to make it more masculine than my hearts! Plus, we love the humour in this picture:

2nd prize – Ebook of Tup Knits

Gillian (CreativeWhimsy)

Gillian used a wonderfully bumpy cast-off for her cowl, and also produced a very humourous picture with the cowl modelled by a sitting Buddha. As I used to be an RE teacher, and love Buddhist philosophy, this pleased me immensely!

3rd prize – an individual pattern download of your choice

Fiona (FWardingley)

Fiona produced a well-executed cowl in lovely, well-contrasting colours, and posted a great picture of it on a lichen-covered stone, with some pretty flowers:


Sarah’s prizewinners:

1st prize – A physical book and ebook of Beautiful Knits for Beautiful Sticks

Elizabeth (bartlebean )

Elizabeth worked in a heavier yarn, so was able to produce a larger cowl that was beautifully modelled by her daughter:

2nd prize – Ebook of Beautiful Knits for Beautiful Sticks

Lesley (snook)

We loved that Lesley got sheep into the picture of her finished cowl, with a lovely Lancashire fell in the background!

3rd prize – an individual pattern download of your choice


We love the two-colour cast-on and cast-off in Jmaraul’s cowl, and her use of an icord drawstring. Plus, like Josh, she adapted the centre pattern to remove the hearts. All-round excellence!

So the MKAL is over, but we are already planning next year’s. We’re going for SOCKS! I hope you’ll join us. While it may not be easy, it will most certainly be fun!


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