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I love Yorkshire dialect! I learned a little more of it earlier this year when Verity from baa ram ewe asked me if I knew what ‘wesley bobs’ are. I’m flattered that she was in fact convinced I would know. Alas, I didn’t!

It turns out that ‘wesley bobs’ is Yorkshire dialect for Christmas tree ornaments.’Wesley’ derives from ‘wassail’, which in turn derives from an Old English greeting ‘was hael’ = ‘be you healthy’. In olden times caroling (travelling around from house to house singing Christmas carols – we still do this) was called ‘Wassailing’. I guess ‘bobs’ is related to ‘baubles’.

Baa ram ewe were at the time commissioning a special Christmas shade for their Titus yarn range, to be called ‘Wesley Bob’. They asked me if I would design some actual wesley bobs with it. And so I was delighted last month to publish my ‘Wesley Bobs’ pattern.

This is the first single pattern in which I have included illustrated tutorials, something I’m planning to do a lot more of in future. I’ve long wanted to include such tutorials in my patterns, but lacked the drawing skills to make them myself. I’ve finally developed these skills through working with the wonderful Cindy Moore to create the tutorials we included in Stranded Knits. There are two tutorials in this pattern; one for the loop cast-on which creates the opening for stuffing, and one for wrapping floats in stranded colourwork. So not only is this a great little pattern for last-minute Christmas knits, it’s also a great learning resource.

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