3 thoughts on “A Visit To Gawthorpe Hall”

  1. Back in the 1990s I learned beadwork from a Cree woman. I had a Cree friend who was learning some traditional medicine ways and wanted to make him a gift. I went to the Royal Ontario Museum and a curator there brought me to the collection of medicine bags from my friend’s area. It was awesome. I was allowed to copy down some designs and ended up looming one of them and sewing it onto a moosehide bag, like the original. My only regret is that the public never gets to see that collection, it is too delicate.

    1. How wonderful! I love that museums make their collections available for private research like this. In my experience they are positively eager to have such enquiries made of them! The staff at Gawthorpe were insistent that I should make requests there. They want the collection to be used.

      1. There is an extensive beadwork collection at the ROM in Toronto that will never see the light of day in terms of an exhibit. I wish they could at least photograph it and release it on-line or in book form, for those who can’t visit. On-line would be wonderful for researchers around the world. Curators love to answer questions, I find.

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