Classes 2016:

  • What: Steeking Class
  • When: Saturday February 20th from 10am to 1pm
  • Where: The sheep Shop, Cambridge
  • Book: Via the Sheep Shop


  • What: Stranded Knitting/Fair Isle Class
  • When: Saturday February 20th from 1.45pm to 4.45pm
  • Where: The sheep Shop, Cambridge
  • Book: Via the Sheep Shop


  • What: Gwlana (specific classes to be confirmed)
  • When: May 20th to 22nd
  • Where: The Centre For Alternative Technology, Powys, Wales
  • Book: Via Gwlana

2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hi,

    I was looking at your knitting tour of Yorkshire – I’ll see if I manage to plan for it, we usually do our relief around mid July (I’m an officer in the merchant navy). But I have one question – would there be a possibility to learn swaving? I read about it in Penelope Lister Hemingway’s book and I’m intrigued – this is something I’d love to try. Is there a chance someone could demonstrate this technique? I see Penelope herself is going to be one of the presenters, wonderful! I’m very much looking forward to learning how to use a sheath (a knitting sheath, that is! That came out wrong…)

    Anyhow, I guess it’s first come, first served. I am checking with my reliever, the other master of this ship, if we manage to swing it for next summer. It would be a pity to miss it, and 500£ down the drain is always a pain (if I can’t attend).

    Petra Ahnfors

    1. Hi Petra,

      I see that you have booked for the tour since writing this. I am delighted that I will have the pleasure of welcoming you to Yorkshire and sharing our knitting heritage with you! :o)

      Unfortunately swaving is a method of knitting that is lost to history. Though Penelope has done excellent research about it, she has been unable to discover a definitive description or video from which we can confidently reconstruct the method in order to teach it. We can teach how to use a knitting stick, and I will ask Penelope to demonstrate how to ‘strike t’loop’ as far as she is able. However, swaving seems to have been a necessary element of doing this at great speed, and neither of us feel we have developed the proficiency and speed required for it.

      Have you read Penelope’s excellent blog posts on the subject?

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