All links are to online PDF files. These may be downloaded and/or printed as required.

  • Lace Knits (includes errata for Ainley and Fenay)
  • Merry Little Knits (includes errata for Dasher, Nowell, Strumflings, Wassail Scarf, and Wenceslas)
  • Stranded Knits (Includes errata for Thomasina and William)
  • Born & Bred (Includes errata for Hild, Roseberry, and Wetwang)
  • A Time To Knit (Includes errata for Dilly Dally, Glade, Mallorn, and Anwen)
  • Novel Knits (Includes errata for the Contents Page, Hartfield, Luna’s Moonlight, Kellynch, and Mansfield)
  • Snow Bunny (from ‘The Joy of Sox’)

5 thoughts on “Errata

  1. Knitting Sweet William. New to short rowing. Can’t figure out first short and second short row — how can you knit 6, turn and then on short row 2, knit more than 6 stitches? Is it that after the instruction to “turn” at the end of short row 1, one would knit to the end of short row 1?

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      Don’t forget that you slip a stitch wyib after knitting 6 stitches in Short Row 1, so you have in fact worked 7 stitches. You will slip that same stitch wyib at the beginning of Short Row 2, thereby wrapping the stitch with the yarn. So in the first iteration of Short Row 2 work as follows: sl1 wyib, then bring the yarn forward, p1, k5.

  2. A question on TUPS: short row three in the yoke section has you extend the row by 2 stitches (the wrapped stitch plus the K1). Short row 4 extends by 3 (the wrapped stitch plus the P2). Won’t this make the front neck assymetric?

    1. Yes, that’s an error! Thank you for alerting me to it! You need to k2 after the wrapped stitch in Short Row 3, not k1.

  3. thank you for the explanation on the short rows. I think I was just over thinking. Sweet William is a lovely pattern!

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