Please post any questions about my patterns in my Ravelry group, where they are usually answered within 24 hours. Do search the threads first to see if your question has already been answered for somebody else. I do not provide pattern support (help with following my patterns) via email.

Please also post in my Ravelry group if you think you may have found an error in one of my patterns.

For general business enquiries, please email me:

Twitter: @AnnKingstone

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  1. Hi there,
    Just a quick one – I LOVE the Sweet William pattern and am planning on purchasing but I was just wondering which COLOURS the jumper in the photo is made up in, so that I can get the same? Thank you so much

    1. Hi! The pictured sample was made with Richmond #381 and Arncliffe #360. The contrast between these shades isn’t brilliant though, so much so that we had to increase the contrast in photo editing for the rabbits to show clearly. Since then we’ve made a new sample with Hubberholme #589 as the main colour instead of Richmond, and the contrast with this is much better. I hope this helps!

  2. Is there anyway to pay for your patterns that doesn’t involve pay pal? The CEO of pay pal is a huge Trump supporter and I will not use paypal services.
    Thank you

    1. I’m afraid not! However, you’ll be happy to learn that the CEO of Paypal is very much the opposite. Dan Shulman is a social activist who supports LGBT rights and various other social concerns. See his wikipedia page:
      The founder of Paypal, who is a huge Trump supporter, no longer has a stake in Paypal, having sold it off years ago.

  3. Hello, Ann! I am currently knitting Springwood from your Lace Knits. Love the unusual way the pattern works and really looking forward to finishing it! No sewing up, and nothing to be done twice except the sleeves – bliss!
    One question: on pages 175-6, in the instructions for the leaf lace, you have skp in the written instructions, and ssk in the chart. Which is correct?

    1. Hi Nina,

      Because it is the more traditional English method, I purposefully instruct ‘skp’ instead of ‘ssk’ decreases in my patterns, so that rogue ssk is an error. However, skp and ssk do produce exactly the same result, so you may work the decrease with whichever of those two methods you prefer.

      Happy Knitting!

  4. Hallo Ann,
    I contacted you way back and asked you if Stranded Knits was to be re- printed, you said no plans for that to happen was in the works. Soooooo I went crazy looking all over the internet for Stranded Knits paid more than $60.00 for my copy. (I know OUCH!!!!) But I do like patterns in books. I did knit William (frogged him as I did not like the yarn knitted up) No I did not use the suggested yarn.
    Here’s my question this time, Now you have found a publisher that you like and that will print on demand will you be re-printing Novel Knits ? Before I go searching again.

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Thank you for your enthusiasm for Stranded Knits!

      I am indeed considering putting Novel Knits into print on demand. It needs a lot of revision work before I do that though, so I don’t anticipate doing it this year. Maybe next year?

  5. I’ve just bought your Lace Knits book and I’d love to extend Fenay to a full length cardigan. Would this be very difficult?

    1. It’s not at all difficult. As it is knitted from the top down, just continue knitting until you are happy with the length.

  6. Are nonknitters welcome on the July 2018 tour? My nonknitting husband might like to join.

    1. He would have been welcome to join us if the tour wasn’t already full. We have a waiting list, and if you’d like me to add you and your husband to that I can do so.

  7. good morrning ann kingstone
    i am actually trying to knit” woodrup” and am trying to meet your video explaining applied i-cord and picking up sts from applied i-cord. It says there is a video on your home page but i cannot find it. Since i cannot find something similar ( i-cord not at an edge ) i am asking you to let me know how to pick up the sts from an applied i-cord “worm”. thank you in advance yours sincerely yolanda from switzerland

  8. Anne ,Iwas at Yarndale in Skipton in September and bought two books are they due to arrive before Christmas as promised ?

    1. Hi Florence,
      I’m very sorry to have to tell you that the books are not yet ready. You should have received an email or letter from me explaining this. I unexpectedly had major surgery (elbow replacement) at the end of October that has prevented me from doing the necessary work to meet my intended publishing deadline. This has now been pushed back to late December/early January. I will of course provide a full refund if you wish to cancel the order.
      With sincere apologies,

  9. Hi there Ann! I am just a beginner and learning on your lovely Dewlap pattern and the Shornies. On the latter you ask us to follow the chart total of 5 times then across the 25-48 once. I am not sure what to do. Do I knit 5 rows and then cross to the other chart at the same row? really would appreciate your help.

  10. Hi Ann
    I have bought several of your patterns before and have enjoyed knitting them. I was hoping to knit the Woodkirk cardigan, I love the tree of life idea and the symbolism that goes with. Do you plan to issue it some time as a single pattern as I am not sure that I can afford to buy the whole book for one pattern much as I would like to.
    Best regards
    Martine de Lee
    PS If you are planning a Beverley pattern I will be the first to buy it!

    1. Hi Martine,

      I will release it as a single pattern at some point, though I’m not sure when. Maybe later this year, maybe next year. It depends on how well I progress with other things.

      Kind regards,

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