Knitting Techniques and Tips

Errata for my published patterns may be found by following this link.

The links listed below are variously to PDFs, YouTube tutorials, and website or blog pages
with explanations and illustration of the indicated techniques.

A very comprehensive guide to knitting techniques may also be found at

For general knitting support, and for help with specific questions I also recommend the
Ravelry forums, especially the ‘techniques‘ forum.

Excellent support specifically for lefthanded knitters may be found in the ‘On The Other
‘ Ravelry group.

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  1. Dear Ann,
    Could you please let me know when Tup Knits is back in printed form, and also Stranded knits (which I assume includes the pattern Hedgerow). I can look at items on my IPad but cannot print anything out, so I need a proper book! Please!

    1. Print copies of Tup Knits and Stranded Knits will be available by the end of this week! Yes, Stranded Knits includes the Hedgerow pattern.

    2. Hi Andrea, it’s available now! Hop over to the Tup Knits page (under ‘Books’) to order it.

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