I love Celtic knots, and was awed when I first saw them reproduced in knitted cables. I didn’t know it was possible to form the loops that are necessary to such cables. Bewitched by them, I had to know how to do that! How would I find out? I searched the internet.

Alas, even though I was excited that it was possible, I soon realised that I wasn’t impressed with the result the techniques that I found produced. They were all a little too untidy for my liking, and were all based on cables with an odd number of stitches, whereas for the sake of simplicity I prefer cabling with even numbers of stitches. So I began a quest to develop my own method.

The solution I was happy with at first is used in the Hild hoodie. However, I was not completely satisfied with that method, as it only really works for cables with a point at the bottom of the loop. So when I started work on Cabled Knits, I knew I had to come up with something better. Lots of swatching ensued! Eventually I developed a method that I truly am happy with. It is used in several projects in Cabled Knits, including a jacket with a hood:

Last week I produced a video showing how to work this technique. I’m delighted with the method, and  I think you will be too!

The Cabled Knits ebook is currently being released in instalments with an introductory discount, and I have also set up pre-order for the print book. You can find the details, including a slideshow of all the projects in the collection and purchase buttons here.

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