This afternoon I shared a few tips on Periscope for easily adjusting the lengthwise fit in a sweater. It was very basic advice in a topic area about which I am planning to build a library of much more detailed, specific resources. I often get asked how to adjust the fit in my patterns, and it will be great to have clear, comprehensive video and worksheet resources to direct folk to when this happens. I want to teach how to adapt patterns to create a bespoke fit for your own measurements and preferences, dealing with each area of a sweater in turn.

I’m intending to charge for these resources. However, I will be practicing the lessons on Periscope, so if you want to have access to them while they are available for free, I recommend you follow me there:

Here’s the relevant part of today’s broadcast, from which I’ve removed all the introductory and concluding chatter, so it may appear to begin and end a little abruptly. I thank you for your understanding about that! :o)




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